Adult Ministries


Our ministries to adults are designed to foster engaging fellowship and growth as a group, as well as intentional disciple the individual.  



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This is our primary pathway for Intentional Discipleship, and we offer a class for each adult age group.  You may discover that you prefer to attend Bible study with a group of a slightly different age, and that is perfectly fine!  Our goal is to explore the Bible through quality curriculum and to strengthen each other in the faith. 

Prayer Groups

Prayer Groups are a new venture for us.  A Prayer Group is a small group of gender-specific persons to gather on a regular basis for an extended period of time to pray with and encourage each other.  Unlike Sunday School, Prayer Groups do not utilize any curriculum.  They are informal gatherings that meet at a place and time most convenient to the group. 

Ministry to Women

These groups are obviously designed for women. WMU typically focuses on studies and events that support Missional Living, especially our mission partners in the community and around the world.  Women’s Enrichment focuses more on Intentional Discipleship by providing courses and events that encourage women to grow in and exercise their faith. 

Ministry to Men

The men of the church meet quarterly for breakfast to discuss means of Intentional Discipleship and Missional Living.  One of the ministries that Baptist Men have championed in recent years is Disaster Relief, a cooperative effort of Southern Baptists from around the nation to respond to persons and communities in need following natural disasters. 

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